The Problem

About a year ago I was forced to remove a non running vehicle from a paid parking spot because the parking contract didn’t allow for non running vehicles for any large period. The van sat in this spot from the beginning of winter to the end of spring before hit with a tag “remove or vehicle will be towed by Friday” from the lot owner. This vehicle wouldn’t start, had a terrible transmission and the power steering would leak like a faucet. I wasn’t willing to repair it anymore but didn’t know what to do with it. I thought to have it towed but didn’t want to pay the fee for towing. I didn’t know where I’d store the vehicle as I lived in a loft without my own yard or driveway to store it. I didn’t want to let it get towed and get nothing for it like I had previously in this same situation. After stressing and weighing my options wife my wife she came across a “cash for junk cars” service. To me this was a God send and is the same service that we are now promoting here by the way.

The Solution

To make a longer story short, I was able to work out same day pickup and was delivered $350 cash for his vehicle that I was preparing to get nothing out of. Not only was I impressed, I was relieved and had an additional $350 in pocket.

Right On Time.

This service was right on time when I needed it and gave me cash for my junk car (van). Instead of letting the vehicle get towed because I had no other sensible options I was able to get $350 out of it, which is more than I expected for this vehicle that I would’ve let the tow company keep

Don’t Let The Tow Company Take and Keep You Unwanted Vehicles

Sell it! Don’t let the tow company take and keep your unwanted vehicles. Call us at 844-205-4977 or visit us online to get a quote for your unwanted junk car. We will pay for it and tow it for free. You may get more out of it than you expect.

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