Get Something Out Of It!

If your vehicle doesn’t run and you refuse to have it repaired for whatever reason you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to stretch a little cash out of it and there is.


Junk Car For Cash

The easiest and most simple of these options is to find a cash for junk cars’ service where you can get a fair quote and schedule a pickup of the vehicle asap. Services such as Express Auto Buyer (www.expressautobuyer.com) makes it easy to get a free fair instant quote online or call (844-205-4977) for a quote. You can then decide to accept or reject the offer and schedule to have the vehicle towed, free of charge. It doesn’t get any simpler. This method will also save you time from having to call around to junk yard until you find one willing to tow your car away as the service works with junk yards around the US, removing the guess work for you.

Sell or Scrap Car Parts

You could also hold on the vehicle and sell or scrap its parts. Going this route can be more lucrative but will require more effort, skill, and marketing on your part which most people find to be a little much. If this isn’t for you then junk your car for cash may be a more convenient and faster choice. There are many ways of getting these parts sold or scrapped such as posting to craigslist “Selling parts from {vehicle make model and year}, Facebook, or any classified ad. You could also remove the heavy metals and see how much the scrap yard will give you for them If the engine and Transmission are still good you may be able to get good paying offers for these parts. Be creative with selling methods and you may come out satisfied. Search YouTube for more help if need be.


To sum this up the simplest and easiest method to get cash for your junk car is to simply contact a ‘cash for junk car service’ where they’ll tow your car and pay you cash on site. The other popular method to get cash for junk cars is to part it out and sell or scrap its parts which is the least common as i requires the most work.

Whichever choice you choose we hope you now have a good understanding of how you can get something out of that junk car and that this will give you options after the unfortunate situation of loosing a vehicle. Don’t get rid of that junk car without getting something out of if! And don’t forget to remove the license plate from the vehicle before junking it 😉

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